Shipping Parcels to Fiji

Shipping Parcels to Fiji

Sending cargo overseas from Australia means making sure your goods go from Point A to Point B! When shipping parcels to Fiji, it is the same principle where you prepare your goods, ship them, and have them delivered to your destination of choice!

When you plan on sending parcels to Fiji from Australia, you need to know a few things. In the following, we look at each step you should take and/or be aware of for a successful and hassle-free shipping experience.

Know Your Destination Regulations

It’s important to know what your destination’s regulations include. By understanding the Fiji import regulations, in terms what is included in Free Import, Prohibited, or Restricted Goods, you’ll be better able to understand what customs controls you will be up against. Of course, it’s best to follow a global shipping compliance policy of simply avoiding the prohibited and restricted goods all together to comply to international standards, as well as safety and security concerns.

What You are Shipping

When shipping parcels to Fiji, whether in document form or in boxes or shipping crates, you will need to be aware of the dimensions, weight and description of the goods packed. We always recommend keeping track with a packing list.

Speed of Delivery

Based on how fast you would want your parcel to reach Fiji, you can choose between air and sea cargo (either FCL or LCL based on the size of your shipment).

Pickup or Drop-Off

To make shipping parcels to Fiji easier, we also offer pickup of your goods in Melbourne or other states of Australia for an added fee.

These factors will basically allow you to understand the process of shipping parcel to Fiji, from what you are allowed to ship, from knowing what can fit into your shipping materials, the choice of delivery for timeliness of delivery, and whether you would prefer to have your items picked up for added convenience. These are all services that Cargo to Fiji can offer you for your shipping needs!

Contact us to get an obligation free shipping to Fiji quote for shipping parcels to Fiji with an approximate weight and we will be able to get started! Our shipping schedule for Melbourne to Fiji sea cargo is as follows;

Month Final Cut Off Date Estimated Arrival
September 2016-09-03 2016-10-10
October 2016-10-01 2016-11-10
November 2016-11-05 2016-12-15
December 2016-12-10 2017-01-20
January 2017-01-14 2017-02-22


Please get in touch with us for the shipping schedules for the other Australian states!

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