How to Pack your Parcel for Shipping

How to Pack your Parcel for Shipping

One of the most sought after services in the personal cargo industry would be to send parcels. Whether it is gifts, excess baggage or personal effects shipping to Fiji, the requirements stay the same; you’re looking to send a parcel overseas. Often, there are not enough guidelines on how to pack a parcel for shipping. Thus, we are here to help.

Step 1: Choose the Right Shipping Box

You have the option of purchasing a new shipping box and then pack your parcel for shipping, or you can opt to use a box you have at hand. It is important that you choose a box that is big enough to fit your contents with a bit of leeway too. We always recommend that you utilise a new shipping box, as second hand boxes may have a comprised structure and result in damage en-route. Cardboard shipping boxes are the standard choices when you choose parcel shipping, and they come in single and 2 ply varieties. If you are looking for a parcel for shipping contents that is greater than 5kg in weight, we recommend opting for 2-ply cardboard shipping boxes. In the event you are using second-hand box, and not one purchased through “Cargo to Fiji,” make sure to follow Step 4, which includes removing old shipping labels and address information.

Quarter CBM Shipping Box

Quarter CBM Shipping Box

Step 2: Wrap Your Contents in Packing Material

It is important to protect the contents of your parcel for shipping in packing material. Often, cellophane or bubble wrap are the best choices, the latter being ideal for delicate items that require some padding. Once your contents have been protected, you should place it in your box with some form of filler, such as packing peanuts to avoid it moving around during transport.

Step 3: Seal Your Shipping Box

Once you are ready, you can close up your parcel for shipping.  When closing up the box, make sure to close up the box and any edges with quality tape. In the event you want to add more protection to your box, you can opt to “double box”, which means including your parcel in another box and fillers before sealing it.

Step 4: Remove Old Shipping Labels/ Addresses

If you are using a second-hand box, you may have old shipping labels and address information featured on the exterior. Take care to have them remove or obscured from view as they may offer conflicting information for your shipment.

Step 5: Address your Shipping Box Correctly

Address the parcel for shipping in two opposite places in the event your personal cargo forwarder needs to paste shipping information accordingly.

Once you are ready, you can choose to drop off your parcel for shipping to Fiji from Australia, or ring up your courier to have them pickup your parcel at your convenience.

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