Frequently Asked Questions about Shipping Cargo to Fiji

Frequently Asked Questions about Shipping Cargo to Fiji

If you have not shipped with us (or any other shipping company in Australia) before, when it comes down to shipping within the nation or overseas, you may have questions or concerns that you would like answered, which we definitely encourage. However, to make your life a tad bit easier, we are sharing some of our frequently asked questions about shipping cargo to Fiji.

What is Your Shipment Calendar to Fiji for the Year 2017?

You may find out shipment calendar to send cargo to Fiji below.

Where Can I Pick up a Shipping Box (or Crate) should I require them?

We have a network of agents where you can pick up any of our shipping boxes from. Please get in touch with us to find out the nearest location.

Can I arrange a Shipment Pick-up?

We offer shipment pick-ups. You can call ahead and let us know you would like your cargo to be picked up.

How much notice should I give the shipping company (Cargo to Fiji) to allow for a shipment pick-up?

The amount of notice that should be given depends on the nature of your goods being shipped. Since you are looking for an international move (from Australia to Fiji), you should notify us of your shipment pick-up requirement two to three weeks ahead of time. These lead times will allow Cargo to Fiji to secure and confirm your shipment booking, and give you enough time to prepare your cargo beforehand.  However, a greater lead-time will be required during peak shipping months (November to January).

How can I get a shipping quote to send cargo to Fiji?

You can speak to our agents by getting in touch with us, where will offer you a obligation free quotation.

When do I pay for shipping services to Fiji?

We require full payment 2 days before all work commences.

Can you pack and move food items for me?

Yes, we are able to move dry and tinned food items. However, it is recommended that we avoid shipping opened bottles containing liquid or spillable contents for the integrity of your shipping box and other shipments to be included with it during transport.

Will my goods be safe and do you offer shipping insurance?

Yes, your goods will be handled by our trained professionals. However, we do not provide shipping insurance in-house, but we can offer a shipping insurance quotation from our trusted partners.

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