Fiji Investments and Shipping Infrastructure

Fiji Investments and Shipping Infrastructure

The Fiji Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean between the Australia and the Americas and its prime location has made it a hub for regional businesses. With its immediate neighbours, such as the Samoa, and Tonga, as well as other   countries in the Micronesia, Melanesia, Polynesia and Oceania, Fiji investments and shipping infrastructure has seen a boost in development and progress.

With international services, and being a telecommunications in the South Pacific regions, a business hub for the area, more and more investors are looking to Fiji to expand the businesses. The port of Suva carries out most of the international operations and features a wharf for handling both cargo handling and passenger vessels too, whereas the ports of Lautoka, Levuka, and Savusavu are used for minor operations.

The Fijian EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) is encompassed of approximately 330 islands that covers approximately 1.3mn m2 of the South Pacific area where only one third of the total are inhabited. Working with various government associations, the Fijian government is committed to ensuring that sea operations are carried out with the assurance that they are environmentally friendly and safe.

As Fiji is located in a prime location in the south pacific region, and its known as a transhipment hub, Fiji investments are on the growing trend with international shipping services, bulk cargo handling and more shipping infrastructure being developed to further global ties.  With Fiji being responsible for the Pacific Island State and actively involved in the Pacific Forum Line that services the Pacific region with its 12 shareholder countries. These include Cook Islands, Kiribati, Marshall Islands,Nauru, New Zealand, Niue, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, and of course Fiji.

The PFL (Pacific Forum Line) is responsible for ensuring regular shipping services, furthering development in the region, governing freight rates, and operating the shipping services in the region. The PFL operates five shipping routes that connect the island to Australia/New Zealand. Fiji investments and shipping infrastructure plays a great role in fostering island and international trade.

Opportunities for Fiji investments include the likes of foreign investors for Joint Venture partnerships in the developing industries of ICT, Manufacturing, Tourism, Mining, Food Processing, Services, and Resource-based sectors. With the growing socioeconomic temperature of the country, the positive response for global investments in Fiji has also been on the up and up.

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