Container Shipments from Australia to Fiji and Pacific Islands

Container Shipments from Australia to Fiji and Pacific Islands

If you are looking for means of sending container shipments from Australia to Fiji and other neighbouring Pacific Islands, then you’re in luck; this blog post may be of interest to you. As an Australian based freight handler, we fully understand the dynamics of working with international logistics and shipping. With the mission to ensure that each container shipment not only reaches the desired point of delivery at the right time, place and with the right rate and condition is our priority.

As a global shipping operator with frequent container shipments from Australia to Fiji, Cargo to Fiji and our parent company, Transco International has made a name in the global shipping market as a reliable global freight forwarding company. With cost effective shipping solutions along international sea trade routes, you are able to make use of the economies of scale to be privy to affordable rates for your personal effects or commercial cargo. Having over two decades worth of experience in the ocean cargo and container shipments, you are in safe hands!

The most popular options for sending container shipments from Australia include 20ft or 40ft shipping containers. Apart from the generic containers, you may also opt for flat rack, open-top, high cube, break bulk and RORO types of shipping containers. If you are unsure of which type of container shipment mode to choose from, our CtF (Cargo to Fiji) shipping agents will be able to help you. Often general containers are the best suited for cargo in boxes or crates, which are loaded into container either on LCL or FCL basis; ideal for personal effects shipping or commercial cargo shipping. However, the likes of break bulk containers may be ideal when you have large amounts of loose cargo. RORO (roll on roll out) is specifically utilised for vehicular shipping over sea and has its own procedures, to which CtF will be aiding you with.

We will ensure that all the necessary information is promptly communicated and the documentation is also advised. This will ensure a smooth transit and processing through customs, especially if customs brokerage for the container shipments from Australia to Fiji is handed over into our care. By delivering a door to door service offering, your container shipments to Fiji will be in reliable hands with steadfast and safe delivery.  Make sure to contact us for affordable rates for your container shipments to Fiji!

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